SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Wash, rinse, repeat. At first glance, it looks like any upscale haircut salon. Combs and clips, trims and flips. But these stylists are executing their tonsorial skills inside of a tricked out trailer.

"It's a customized Airstream with three stations, three chairs, three sinks, a waiting area. It's fully air climate controlled, heating, air conditioning, and fully self-contained water and electricity," owner Kush Kapila said.

Kapila came up with the concept for Sterling's Mobile Barber Company when he was studying for his MBA at UCSD.

"I saw an explosion of mobile services -- food trucks, pet grooming, mobile dentistry, and I thought we can do this for haircutting," he said.

Sterling's Mobile Barber Company contracts with local firms and sets up shop in their parking lots, rotating locations on a regular basis.

"We're there every week or every second week, or once every four weeks," Kapila said.

Although they do accept walk-ins, most half-hour or hour appointments are booked online.

"We offer haircuts, neck massages, shampoos, blowouts,"Kapila said.

For stylists like Ashley Gray, being mobile offers some unique challenges.

"All of our products, everything comes down. We put it all back up every day. But otherwise, it's pretty much the same," she said.

Still, the bottom line in the barbering business is service.

"We really try to make it so that you are going to an amazing salon,"Gray said.

For customers, it's all about convenience.

"I just walk downstairs, be here and still get lunch when I come back," a customer said.

"This is really convenient, because I don't have to leave work an hour early and sit in rush hour traffic and try to get to a stylist on the other side of town,"another customer said.

Sterling's Mobile Barber Company will continue to hit the open road, so you can get clipped right in your own parking lot.