SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - In the middle of an unadorned industrial kitchen, the action is non-stop.

"We actually marvel at how people even find us. I don't even know, because we are tucked in the middle of a business park," Elaine Ardizzone said.

But word-of-mouth about their mouth-watering baked goods found its way to the Sweet Cheeks Baking Company, where you'll discover a sugar-frosted sisterhood of dedicated decorators and designers.

At Sweet Cheeks, they are hauling buns to keep up with demand for cookies. The talents of these baking beauties are multi-layered.

"Everyone at these two tables actually is a great painter, great sketch artists. They are amazing with sugar work, fondants and chocolates," Elaine said. "I always say (buttercream) is the lifeblood of our business."

Most of which ends up sculpted on their amazing wedding and special event cakes. In fact, when it comes to designing specialty cakes, there's no challenge that they won't accept.

"We do a lot of gluten-free options right now," Elaine said.

If you hear any noise, it ain't the boys. These ladies are practicing the techniques that have earned them Sweet Cheeks.