Looking for a special way to celebrate the holidays? How about chocolate fondue for two? That's just one of the special treats served up at a Del Mar sweet shop.

Some of the tiniest and tastiest works of art are handcrafted by third generation chocolatier, Isabella Valencia. Born in Austria, Isabella has brought her old world recipes to a new shop in the Flower Hill Mall.

"My vision was always to bring the old and the new world together," explained Isabella. So took some of my grandfather's recipes and my father's recipes and I put a bit of modern twist on every chocolate.

Her colorful array is on display at Dallmann Fine Chocolates.

"We work a lot with colored cocoa butter. We spray paint. We finger paint. We are like Picasso in our little kitchen," said Isabella.

There are seasonal specialties, like egg nog or pumpkin spice or the amazing candy cane.

"This is a mold where literally you finger goes and makes a swirl with colored cocoa butter," continued Isabella.

And while you're carefully choosing your handcrafted confections, Isabella will whip you up a cup of her gourmet hot chocolate.

But it just doesn't get any more decadent, than Dellmann chocolates fondue for two, which can include strawberries, pretzels and bacon.

Fine art has never tasted so fine.