CARLSBAD, Calif. (CBS 8) - The quilted tapestry of vibrant colors that annually ignites the Carlsbad Flower Fields is beginning to blossom.

"We've got about 25 acres in bloom right now. It's still early color, but within the next two to four weeks we'll be at our peak color.

"This year it looks like it's framing up nicely. All the rain we've had does wonders for the quality of the flowers and the colors. I do think that the color's coming early," Fred Clarke said.

The ranunculus are already being plucked at a frantic pace.

"We are in full blast picking, cutting over 10,000 bunches a day," Fred said.

And only one percent of the flowers are actually harvested.

"So at the end of the season we estimate that we've cut 7 million stems, and that's only one percent. That's 700 million flowers in bloom out here," Fred said.

The flower fields are a non-stop photo op, offering options for the visitor.

"Here at the flower fields it's almost a mile long, so it's quite a vigorous walk," Fred said.

So you can hitch a ride on an antique tractor.

"Every one of those tractors is at least 50 years old," Fred said.

Still, it's tempting to just take a leisurely stroll through a living, breathing rainbow.

The flowers may have changed, but a trip here remains the same - unforgettable.