SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - Gone are the days when Ramona was the turkey capital of the world, although you can still find some rare birds there.

"We've been here, since 1984. We have a 13-acre facility where we rescue and rehabilitate native wildlife," The Fund for Animals Wildlife Center Director Ali Crumpacker said.

Most of animals are here as a direct result of human contact, and the intent is to return them to the wild.

"We don't keep them. We're not a zoo. It's one of the reasons we're not open to the public, because these guys are here basically in a hospital and rehab setting," Ali said.

You will find a few lifers at the wildlife center.

"We have a handful of residents who for one reason or another could not be rehabbed and returned to the wild," Ali said.

The most recent arrival is an osprey that is confined in critical condition.

"He came in Thanksgiving weekend. The x-ray just came through, he's got two pellets inside his body, one in his chest and one in his thigh," Ali said.

Later this week, it will be determined whether or not to remove the pellets. If they do, the operation will be performed right here in their new surgical center.

"Having this facility right here on the property will streamline the process and getting us the best medical care," Ali said.

By the way, shooting an osprey is a felony. Ali also has advice if you should encounter an injured wild animal.

"Call us directly, we'll work with a volunteer group to get a rescue team out there," she said.

However, should a bobcat take a stroll through your property, Ali has some neighborly other advice.

"Bobcats really aren't that dangerous. You should enjoy the view. It's spectacular that you see them walking across your backyard," she said.

It's just another one of the perks of living in the former turkey capitol of the world.