OCEANSIDE (CBS 8) - Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks? Don't tell that to Natalie Lindberg at The Total Dog.

"The kind of dogs that we usually see are older dogs, older than 12, up to 1- to 18 years of age," Natalie said.

That's not the only reason Canines come to California's only indoor canine swim and fitness center.

"We see overweight dogs, we see post-surgical dogs, and we see dogs who are just staying fit for performance reasons," she said.

Many of The Total Dog's clients are on the mend.

"Hip dysplasia, arthritis, joint disease, any of those things, it benefits the dogs with the warm swim therapy, same as it does for people," Natalie said.

In short, dogs come here for all the same reasons we go to a fitness center.

"Jazzy is a homeless German shepherd from Coastal German Shepherd Rescue. She is in need of a family and she swims for fitness and mental stability," Natalie said.

The Total Dog's feel-good story comes from Cowboy.

"He shattered his disc into his spine when I was throwing the ball for him. One day all of a sudden he just let out a yelp. He was down with no movement on his back legs, had to have surgery the next day," owner Melanie Rice said.

After spending a month in an animal hospital, Cowboy is still paralyzed from the waist down on land, but fluid motion in water.

"It's just been amazing, because he's made so much progress," Melanie said.

For some dogs, there's healing powers in the bubbling waters. For others, the warm therapy pools are a fountain of youth. And unlike most of their human counterparts, dogs who have fitness club memberships actually use them.

The Total Dog
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