SAN DIEGO, Calif. (CBS 8) - Once upon a time in a faraway land, a not-so-little piggy named Patches hung around a barbeque restaurant. No one knows whatever happened to the restaurant, but in 1982, Patches ended up at a rummage sale where the pig was purchased by Mike Klose's former in-laws.

"It ended up in their back patio in Ocean Beach," Mike said.

When his ex-in-laws passed away, Mike inherited the pig and placed it in his Point Loma backyard, where it stayed until Mike's wife got an idea.

"She said 'I think the pig needs a new home' and I agreed," Mike said.

So Mike donated the pig to the Thursday Club's annual rummage sale, which is where I first saw Patches. It was there that Susan Olsen also first saw Patches.

"I was in hog heaven the moment I saw it," she said.

So Susie moved Patches to her Point Loma backyard, just blocks away from his previous home. In Susan's backyard, there's a pig-pig here, a pig-pig there, here a pig, there a pig, everywhere a pig-pig. Lying pigs, flying pigs, and electric pigs too.

"Man, how could somebody part with that? I don't know, but lucky me," Susan said.

Susan's impervious to prattle that she has a preoccupation with porkers, and now Patches is permanently perched on her back porch.

"Patches is easy going and pig headed, but not stubborn. I'm thinking maybe a previous owner cured him of that," Susan said.

So now in this Point Loma pigpen, Sue and sow can just live hamily ever after.