ESCONDIDO (CBS 8) - In an Escondido garage, where grease monkeys once roamed the racks, bargain hunters now sift for treasures at the Urban Barn.

"We have about 30 different vendors in here and they all rent little sections," Linda Curry said. "It gives them their own chance to have their own little shop. They have free range on what they do."

Urban Barn features jewelry, clothing and home furnishings.

"And not everything is old, some of it is new," Curry said.

Including a complete line of clothing called "Urban Couture." The Urban Barn is a browser's banquet.

"It's amazing. You never know what you are going to find in here," Curry said.

Linda Carpenter came up with the idea for the Urban Barn about a year and a half ago.

"Just a little painting and hanging chains -- it was really pretty easy. Kind of knew what I wanted it to look like," she said.

Today she has a waiting list for vendors, who now sprawl all the way into the backyard, where Linda is working on her latest reclamation project.

"We have a gypsy caravan. We're working on it to rent out for weddings," she said. "I've got the bedding and everything. I'm getting ready to go in there and put curtains on and stuff."

Whether you'd like to buy back your prom dress from the 1950s, or just own the door to the women's room, it's a good time to visit the Urban Barn.

"We change with the seasons and then we do a once-a-month flea market, which is this Friday and Saturday," Carpenter said.

In this 8,000-square-foot garage, anything goes and everything shows.

"It's constantly changing. People say when they come in here from one week to the next that it looks totally different," Carpenter said.

It looks totally different from the last time anyone came in here for a lube job.

Urban Barn
155 W. Crest
Escondido, CA 92025