BONSALL (CBS 8) - Don't laugh if you want to take a walk on the wild side. Just head out to Bonsall and book a tour at Wild Wonders.

"We are an education center, so what we do… lots of programs on site and we also do outreach programs for kids in schools and libraries," Kimberly Wright said.

Wild Wonders houses over 130 endangered animals on its five acres.

"About two-thirds of our animals are rescued. That means non-releasable wildlife, abandoned animals, confiscations," Kimberly said.

At this interactive sanctuary, animals like Tater Tot the porcupine act as ambassadors. Wild Wonders is home to a pair of Malaysian bear cats.

"Someone had him as a pet and dumped him," Kimberly said of one of the bear cats.

One of Wild Wonders' inhabitants is a local.

"This is Dolce, she's a rescued North American alligator from actually a ravine in Rancho Santa Fe," Kimberly said.

No one exemplifies the plight of endangered animals more than Victor the cheetah.

"He'll be five this July and he came straight from South Africa. He is our conservation ambassador extraordinaire," Kimberly said.

Victor is a cool cat on a mission.

"This is what we're trying to do, get into more school systems out here and get more exposure for the plight of the cheetah," Kimberly said. "There are less than 8,000 of these left in the world, but out here in Bonsall he has found a good home."

At Wild Wonders, these abandoned exotic creatures have been given a second chance and their lives serve as a reminder to all of us that their place on this planet is precarious, and that is no laughing matter.