CHULA VISTA, California — Several hundred local leaders, parents and anti-poverty advocates are joining forces to combat the rapid rise of kids living in poverty throughout San Diego.

The group will be launching a bus tour that will travel all over the state, starting in Chula Vista. The group will make stops in Los Angeles, Pomona, Weedpatch, Fresno, Salinas, Oakland and Sacramento.

The goal of the group is to raise awareness for the effort being made to combat the issue of poverty. According to, 17 percent of children live below the federal poverty line in San Diego County and nearly 25 percent of children live in low income working families in the county.

The task force has created a plan that if funded would attempt to end deep child poverty in just four years.

Governor Newsom’s recently released May budget proposal and other legislation included money and the necessary steps to implement the plan.

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