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This box could help stop porch pirates from stealing packages

The box is anchored to the ground and locks once someone shuts it.


Porch thieves hit thousands of homes all over California. The cameras don’t seem to deter them.

The problem has gotten so bad that a California lawmaker has even proposed giving porch thieves jail time.

Brooke Papp has had packages stolen from her front porch multiple times.

“It’s tough to have people come to your front door and take something off your porch.” said Papp. “I have everything shipped to my office now, because I don’t trust my front door.”

Now a Carlsbad-based company believes it has the answer.. 

“We have mailboxes to prevent identity theft,” said Tom Quinn, the CEO of Clevermade. “Why wouldn’t we have a lockbox to prevent packages from being stolen?”

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Clevermade created a lock box to protect your online purchases. You pick a four-digit code and share it with your mail carrier in the delivery instructions. The box locks when the mail carrier closes it. You also get a notification on your phone the package has been delivered and can receive multiple deliveries per day.

The lockbox itself is anchored to your porch so it’s cant be stolen. There are also signs you can put on the door and on the box with instructions for your carrier.

The box costs about $199, but you can find it at Costco stores for a little cheaper.

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