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Lost Mickey Mouse has his own vacation at Carlsbad hotel

Mickey Mouse reassured his owner everything was fine and narrated his experience via an email.

CARLSBAD, Calif. — A guest at the Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel forgot his stuffed Mickey Mouse, but before staff at the hotel over-nighted the fella back his owner, they treated Mickey to his very own vacation.

Mickey reassured his owner everything was fine and narrated his experience via an email:

"Hello Jonathan! It is me Mickey.

I just wanted to let you know that I am doing just fine. I know that you miss me very much. I miss you as well. But I will be home tomorrow. One of the nice ladies at the Carlsbad by the Sea Hotel, found me sleeping. Sorry that I overslept and did not come home with you. But Rosalva, the room attendant found me and took me to the lost and found. This is where anything left at the hotel can be found. Like me! She told me that everything was going to be fine and that she will make sure her Manager will get me home safe to you. But before going home I was able to learn a little about the hotel and visit several areas.My visit started at the breakfast room with Leticia. She showed me everything she must do every morning, so that we can eat. She also showed me what she does after breakfast closes in order to get ready for the next day. I ran into one of the Housekeeping Supervisors, Erika. She showed me a chart of rooms and talked about her day as a supervisor. Which was very interesting. Checking room and making sure they are cleaned on time is a lot of work. As we walked the property. Not to far from our room 162, I saw a man fixing something. I jumped on the cart and found out, that he was the chief maintenance manager Ramzi. He was fixing a machine call the A/C unit. But before I left the room it was up and running. I was getting a little sleepy, so I decide to stop by the pool area and relax on one of the pool chairs under a tree. After my break, I walked over to the front desk and meet this very nice lady. She talked to me about her job at the desk.

She is the lady that checks the guests in and out of the hotel. She answers the phone calls for all the guest. She gives directions and recommendations to restaurants. She all informs the guest where to stand for the shuttle to LEGOLAND. Her name is Lisa! She helped with me getting back home to you. But before leaving and come home I made a few more stops around the hotel. I was able to meet Elizabeth, who also works at the front desk. She was driving the shuttle van to LEGOLAND. Elizabeth allowed me to drive some guest to Legoland. It was the best experience I had so far. Look at us go! When I got back from LEGOLAND. I was able to meet several important people.First, I meet the General Manager Regie Brown. He is the big boss! The one that help make sure this hotel runs great. Then I meet the Financial Manager. Edel Houston, a very nice lady and has a lot of MONEY!I stop to learn a little bit about Sales from Larry Kaufman. He was on his way out to a meeting. So, we only spent a few minutes together.I walked out of the lobby and ran into German. He is one of the housemen on the property. He gave me a ride on his golf cart. German showed me what he does with the dirty linen he picks up from around the property. He takes it to this place called the Laundry. I noticed a gentleman name Juan working. He did not see me. But I saw him…hehehe! My final stop around the hotel was with the Housekeeping Manager Anthony Muniz. He will make sure I get home to you tomorrow. 

I will see you when I get home. I love you and miss you very much Jonathan.

Next time maybe you can go around the hotel with me. Wouldn’t that be fun?"

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