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Monarch Festival takes off in San Marcos on May 14

Spring has finally arrived, as well as Monarch butterflies. Now in its second year, residents are holding a Monarch Butterfly Festival in San Marcos this Saturday

SAN DIEGO — Spring has finally arrived, and everything is growing, including Monarch Butterflies, and have I got an event for you. It's the North County Monarch Butterfly Festival in San Marcos.

They'll be able to answer all your questions and provide you with all the plants you'll need. Now in its second year, the festival is a collaboration between Rob Wood the Director and the San Marcos Lion's Club. 

All the things that anyone needs to build that kind of garden is going to be right at the Festival, every question can be answered right there.

The Monarch Festival will be this Saturday in San Marcos at 1020 Rose Ranch Road from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. There will be 17 vendors helping everyone become a Citizen Conservationist.

"It's like a shopping center, a one-stop shop for people that want to support Monarch Butterflies," Wood said. 

One group that will be at the Festival is the Caterpillar Chow. We were there today as they were hard at work getting ready for Saturday. Ken Abernathy owns the Caterpillar Chow Nursery, specializing in native Milkweed. 

"They are actually going to find Milkweed like these native varieties and others. And we'll try to help people grow them to maturity," Abernathy said. "We have a responsibility to provide a special plant to provide as much information that is as accurate as possible so that everyone is successful in the same role which increases habitat and also the count of the Monarchs."

With the Lion's Club involvement, Rob is hoping the Monarch Festival can grow elsewhere.

"If it works here it can work in many, many other places. The conservation of the Lion's Club International is making it dovetail with this event," Wood said. 

The Festival makes it easy to make a difference no matter the size of your habitat and Abernathy is there to help.

"You can still do a little spot to help the Monarchs and help other host plants and find some fulfillment that you're being a good Sheppard of the Earth," Abernathy said. 

Rob Wood believes we can make a difference.

"We have to give something back to this planet, and what better way to do it than to have beautiful Butterflies flying around your home," Wood said. 

The Monarch Festival is Saturday, May 13 from 10 to 2 PM at the Great Episcopal Church in San Marcos, and it's free.

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