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More protests planned this weekend in San Diego against stay-at-home orders

Organizers for weekend rallies said their "freedoms are under attack, and it's unfair businesses are still closed."

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — The limited reopening of San Diego beaches is expected to begin on Monday, but protests against the stay-at-home order are still planned for this weekend.

Organizers for weekend rallies said their "freedoms are under attack, and it's unfair businesses are still closed."

"There isn't a reason anymore to keep people locked down and locked out of these public spaces. This is our beach. These are our rights, and we are going to exercise those rights,” said Crista Curtis, the former organizer of last Sunday’s Encinitas protest calls the lockdown restrictions unreasonable.

Last weekend's protest drew out a group of about 100 people in the North County over the widespread closure of public spaces like parks, trails, and beaches as part of the coronavirus stay-at-home orders. 

Now, many plan to protest again Saturday at Moonlight Beach at 10 a.m. for "The Surfs Up Shred the Tidal Wave of Tyranny."

“We are different from New York. We apparently have more hospital beds than New York and not as many sick people. Our hospitals are not even close to being overwhelmed. I have had loved ones with the illness. My stance on freedom doesn't change whether someone is sick, or for what career someone has chosen,” Curtis said.

The San Diego County Sheriff's Department recommended a misdemeanor charge against Curtis for organizing last weekend's protest, but she said the charge never materialized.

It was the same case for "Freedom Rally" organizer Naomi Soria, who San Diego Police recommended a misdemeanor charge against her to the city attorney.

"As of Thursday's phone call with the police that I was a part of, no such warrant for her arrest has been issued,” said Mark Meuser, attorney for Soria, of the Dhillon Law Group.

Soria is behind another "Freedom Rally" planned Sunday at the main lifeguard tower in Pacific Beach at 1 p.m.

“Nothing's changing. I'm still unemployed. My husband's still unemployed, and there are thousands and thousands of Americans who are still unemployed under this lockdown, still unable to pay our bills. Even within the proper safety measures, we're still not able to get back to work,” Soria said.

But what about the order against large gatherings?

"On all my invites they have said six feet apart, mask recommended. These are adults. I have no other way of enforcing it other than saying this is a suggestion you guys,” Soria said.

The San Diego Police Department Chief and San Diego County Sheriff both were "unavailable" when News 8 requested a comment regarding enforcement at protests. 

San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer said Friday’s announcement of beaches reopening should impact the protests.

"Our police department will be there to ensure that everyone is safe and is following our social distancing orders. They are there for a reason to protect the public health. There is a balance that our police department does and I think does it very well," Faulconer said.

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