When it comes to weight loss and health it’s important to find what works for you. And in the case of the DNA Diet Plan what works for you may be found in your genes.   

The DNA Diet Plan approach is unique to each person because it is based on genetics.  

Founder of DNA Diet Plan Scott Penn visited Morning Extra to discuss more about the system and how it can help those who want to lose weight. 

Some things that could be revealed through a DNA test include:  

An aversion to cilantro: it tastes like soap to people with a certain genotype.  

Lactose intolerance: most people with the gene causing this can tolerate some milk, just not too much. 

Sensitivity to bitterness: a genotype causes some people to be sensitive to the bitterness of grapefruit and other foods. 

The tests can also find genotypes that make people more likely to be emotional eaters or more likely to feel hangry (angry when hungry).