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Granny Flats 101: Building rentals in your backyard

Caitlin Bigelow from Maxable stopped by to talk about the new laws the governor signed and how they will impact the business of granny flats in San Diego.

SAN DIEGO — Recently a shed in North Park made the news for fetching a whopping $1050 for rent. If that gets you thinking, you aren’t alone. Many people are looking into turning their garage into living space or even building a shed in their backyard to house people.

Recently, Governor Newsom signed multiple laws into effect that remove homeowner’s association restrictions, development and impact fees and owner occupancy requirements. They also reduce the time it takes to get a building permit. In addition, San Diego County have removed restrictions by waiving fees that will save homeowners between $11,000 and $17,000.

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Because of all these new laws there are a lot of new questions. Maxable is holding an event that will answer all the questions you have. The Granny Flat Expo is considered the largest accessory dwelling unit event in Southern California on October 12 at San Diego City College.

The Deputy Director of City Planning will be in attendance with architects, general contractors and ADU experts to answer your questions

Caitlin Bigelow from Maxable stopped by to talk about the new laws that were signed and how this expo can help you.

To get your tickets to the event, click here.

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