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Health tips for back to school

From vaccinations to nutrition, Dr. Jyotu Sandhu, Family Medicine Doctor and Registered Dietitian, Erin Peisach, shares helpful tips for back to school

SAN DIEGO — Family medicine doctor, Dr. Jyotu Sandhu and Registered Dietitian, Erin Peisach, discussed vaccinations and tips for keeping your children healthy this school year, as well as healthy lunch options for your kids. 

Sharp Healthcare has the following tips for this school season. 

8 back-to-school wellness tips
Help prepare your child, both physically and mentally, by adding eight tips to your back-to-school checklist.

Back-to-school vaccinations
A Sharp Rees-Sealy pediatrician is available to share general recommendations by age

Back-to-school sleep routine
Sleep is another key factor in keeping kids healthy during a busy school year Sharp doctors recommend eight to 11 hours of sleep for children, depending on their age.

Healthy back-to-school lunches
Eating well often means meal planning and making sure those meals are colorful and include at least one fruit and one vegetable. Click here for ideas to get you started.