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Local restaurants creating Comic Con inspired eats

From Donut Bar to Puesto to Rustic Root. Restaurants in downtown are creating awesome menus to satisfy the Comic Con crowd.

Comic Con kicks off on Thursday which means two things. Crazy costumes downtown and awesome new menu items at the restaurants! Morning Extra had some restaurants stop in to show off some of the unique items that will be available for a short time. 

 Puesto has multiple Comic Con inspired tacos. El Heroe taco includes filet mignon and Maine lobster claw topped with melted cheese, avocado, and crispy onion strings. The Villain Taco has fried calamari, lemon-habanero tartar sauce, pickled avocado, watermelon radishes, and micro greens.

 Rustic Root has Comic Con inspired cocktails. The Infinity Gauntlet 3-in-1 cocktail is split into three different colored “stones” and is made with Grey Goose, triple sec, lime juice and simple syrup. 

Panda Express is featuring new Sichuan Hot Chicken. The crispy chicken tenders are tossed in a one-of-a-kind Sichuan peppercorn sauce and spice blend. Panda Chefs were inspired to popularize the unique tingling spice of Sichuan peppercorns in the form of one of America’s favorite dishes, Nashville hot chicken. The result? The snackable chicken tenders are made of extra crispy, raised without antibiotics all-white meat chicken breast, tossed in an addictive Sichuan peppercorn sauce and topped off with a sprinkle of a proprietary spice blend. Can't get enough of Panda Express? Join them during San Diego Comic-Con week at Pep–Pep’s Sichuan Hot Stop located at 551 J Street for free samples of Panda’s newest American Chinese Original creation. Throughout the interactive space, you’ll get a chance to recharge, earn swag and meet Panda’s best friend, the mighty ‘Pep–Pep the Sichuan Wonderpepper,’ who needs help getting from China to America. With your help ‘swiping west’ on a large touch screen experience, Pep-Pep will make its way here to spice up the new limited-time dish. Don’t miss this chance to play and taste with Panda Express—doors open from 11am – 5pm on July 18th thru 20th!

WhipHand American Brasserie + Beer Bank is going post-zombie apocalypse for Comic Con. Come in with your Comic-Con badge and/or in costume to enjoy the half-priced Walker cocktail, a blend of white rum, Jamaican rum, Overproof, citrus, falernum, orgeat and pineapple. Your badge and/or costume will also get you $7 SKINS – a plate of potato skins covered in sour cream, cheese and bacon, with truffle dressing on the side, as well as Happy Hour pricing on food and drink at any time during the convention.

For breakfast, head to Donut Bar where Chef Santiago will have Comic Con themed donuts including Conan, Batman, Spiderman and Bart Simpson!

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