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Mom hacks and mid-summer must haves to keep your kids occupied

Parenting contributor Nadibe Bubeck and her two kids stopped by to give some great ideas to keep your little ones occupied during the summer break.

SAN DIEGO — If you are a parent of children that are old enough to go to school, you have surely felt the dread of having to keep your little ones occupied for those three months of summer. Local mom and parenting contributor Nadine Bubeck NadineBubeck.com and her kids put together a mid-summer must have list that is full of mom hacks and great summer ideas.

  • Create a “summer bucket list” with each of your kids. All you need is a Manila folder and sticky notes and engage them to come up with ideas to bear mid-summer boredom. When boredom strikes, turn to your folder! Ideas: finger painting, baking or going to the museum.
  • Get them moving and join in the fun! Many parents get the kids a scooter, but for you- instead of renting something electric, buy yourself a foldable, durable, adult version of cruising the beach. Your kids will get a kick out of doing it together.
  • Let’s talk road tripping. Surrender fast food and instead plug a HotLogic into the car charger and literally cook food start to finish. Consider it an electric lunchbox that cooks meats all the way and re-heats food!
  • Encourage your kids to embrace non-tech summer hobbies they can do creatively and independently. StitchPeople is bringing back your grandma’s “art,” teaching older kids and tweens to cross stitch. Easy to follow instructions and designs spanning landscape, pets and more.
  • As simple as it sounds, get your kids their own digital camera that is both easy and durable. Let them capture their own memories and embrace the art of photography without your phone.