SAN DIEGO — Did you know that impairment coupled with inexperience is a factor in nearly 25 % of fatal teen car crashes? Drugged driving – whether under the influence of marijuana or prescription drugs – has become a serious issue, especially in places like California where marijuana has been legalized. Nearly one in five California drivers killed in crashes tested positive for legal and/or illegal drugs.

To combat this growing issue, the National Road Safety Foundation is holding a PSA contest. California teens ages 13-19 are invited to enter the contest by sending in a script or treatment for a 30-second television ad that warns their peers and others about drugged driving. The winning entry will get to work with an Emmy-winning producer to film the PSA and will take home $2,000.

San Diego Police officer John Perdue stopped by Morning Extra to talk about the importance of the campaign and gave some tips on what parents of teen drivers should look for.

Enter your 30 second PSA script here.

Signs of drowsiness: - Yawning or can't keep eyes open - Nodding off - Forget driving the last few miles - Miss road signs - Drift into the other lane of traffic Find a safe place to pull over and...

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