SAN DIEGO — Reza Deghati is a humanitarian and an incredibly accomplished photojournalist. His images have been published in magazines such as Newsweek and National Geographic. What makes Reza different is that he focuses on showing humanity in every situation. He often travels to war torn countries to show the plight of the people who are caught amongst the chaos. 

He told News 8 that he feels “humanity will advance if we get to know each other better.”

Although he is based in Paris, Reza is in San Diego for an exhibit that will debut at UCSD. “Reza: A Dream of Humanity” will run at the University Art Gallery through May 9. The Opening reception will take place on April 13 and gallery hours are between 12-4 on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

Reza Deghati was on Morning Extra to talk about his new exhibit and what inspires him to keep taking these incredible images.