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Previewing lifestyle tech at the Consumer Electronic Show

Laura Folker from Living in Digital Times brought a taste of CES to San Diego!

SAN DIEGO — The Consumer Electronics Show is kicking off in Las Vegas on Monday, but if you can’t escape to Sin City, it is ok! Laura Folker from Living in Digital Times brought a taste of CES to San Diego! She stopped by Morning Extra to talk about lifestyle inspired technology that will be shown off at CES 2020.

HiMirror - your on-the-go beauty and health consultant

  • The HiMirror Slide ($119) is an innovative new tool designed to streamline and improve daily beauty routines, both at home and on-the-go.
  • Its skin analyzer feature measures a variety of skin factors and provides personalized tips and product recommendations to improve skin health.
  • HiMirror is capable of assessing your skin's condition including wrinkles, fine lines, dark circles, dark spots, red spots, and pores in order to take early measures to improve your skin. The Skin Analysis Engine can also detect weather conditions to help you prepare your look and provides a skin care tip of the day for users to take advantage of. Track your changes in your skin over time to see what is really working for you.

Tori Explorer Pack ($129)

  • Blending reality with digital for an enhanced play experience. Every single movement is mirrored into the game for a seamless and breathtaking experience. 
  • Playing with creativity by importing it within each experience like never before. Customizing the cardboard spacecrafts and play with them in Chrystal Chase; or customize each stage in Jungle Rescue. Kids can express their personality through their play and creative works. 

IQ Buds ($499) - launching at CES on January 5. 

  • IQbudsTM BOOST allows you to adjust how you hear in different environments so you can focus on what you want to hear.
  • With Ear ID, you can recalibrate your IQbuds at any time
  • These will feature Active Noise Cancellation and a new technology platform which tailors sound (and sound cancellation) to your ears like an audiologist in a box, and supersedes other products previously released.

Kinzoo app - will launch at CES, but early access available now

  • Kinzoo is a new private messenger app that turns screen time into family time
  • Many parents are concerned about their kids' online safety and mental health, and they need better tools and alternatives that give children the best of technology, without exposure to the worst of it.
  • Kinzoo is designed for kids, built for parents and made for families—your data is yours, profiles are not publicly searchable and parents approve all contacts before kids can exchange messages.
  • Kinzoo recently opened up their Early Access Program to make it easier for families to try the app — learn more at kinzoo.com

Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 14 day system 

  • Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre 14 day system is transforming how people with diabetes test their glucose levels without finger sticks. This technology is simple. A user scans a reader or smartphone over a small sensor worn on the back of the upper arm to get an accurate snapshot of real-time glucose levels, historical trends and patterns in just one second. People now have a better understanding of what their glucose levels are doing so they can make more informed health decisions.
  • With more than 1.5 million users across 46 countries, Abbott’s FreeStyle Libre is the #1 glucose sensing technology worldwide. Go to freestylelibre.us for more information.

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