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Side jobs for moms re-entering the work force

Author and work/life balance expert Samatha Ettus joined Morning Extra to give some examples of side hustles for moms.

SAN DIEGO — Not to be a downer, but the bitter truth is, it’s much harder to re-enter the workforce and/or get a part-time job than expected. Women who take time off to raise families and then try and return to work face daunting odds: more than 50% are unable to re-enter the workforce.

Don’t fret, there are opportunities out there that are perfect for moms that may not be on their radar, and no, that doesn’t include selling toothpaste and beauty products to Facebook friends.

Work/life balance expert Samantha Ettus gave some advice for side hustles for moms.

  • Earn recurring revenue with Park Place Payments, the first women dominated salesforce in payments processing, where women and moms across the U.S. can immediately start working in financial services.
  • Become a consultant for Pixie Lane – this company was built by moms for moms and has over 400 reps nationwide. Consultants sell the hottest in kids’ fashion through at-home parties, social media and pop-up shops. PixieLane not only empowers these women but it also gives an opportunity to set an example for their own children as well as others. This is a great way to arrange some play dates and get together with friends, while earning an income.
  • Walk dogs at Wag.com - not only can you make money if your serious about it but being around dogs is a huge stress reliever and you can get your workout in as well!

She also gave tips for moms who land an interview.

  • When asked what you do, never lead with: “I stay home with the kids.” Instead, start with “I was in _____ for X number of years and now I am taking a bit of time off to be home with the kids.” This reminds people of your multiple dimensions and makes it easier for them to keep you in mind for opportunities in the future.
  • Keep your network warm - You spent years collecting a group of professional contacts. They are familiar with your work ethic, your skill set and your value. Find reasons to keep in touch. These contacts will be valuable no matter what capacity or industry you return to.
  • Don’t let your relationship get off balance. When you fall into a completely traditional role and start doing all of the childcare and home care, it becomes very difficult to change things up when you want to return. Make sure your partner is involved from the beginning so that when you return to work, your relationship doesn’t become an obstacle.

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