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Simple tips to help Californians use the energy in their home more efficiently

Kathryn Emery gave a few simple tips that anyone can do that will help save energy and money!

SAN DIEGO — California is on a quest to double energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse emissions before 2030. All it takes to get started is the flip of a light switch or the turn on an A/C dial. Energy Upgrade California is a statewide education, advocacy and outreach initiative to promote energy management concepts, energy efficiency actions and clean energy opportunities for the state’s residents and businesses.

Kathryn Emery joined Morning Extra on behalf of Energy Upgrade California to show some simple yet very effective ways to conserve energy.

  • Pre-cool your home while you’re gone. Use your A/C as needed while you’re gone to pre-cool your home, then when you get home set it to 74 degrees (from 4-9 pm). This way your home is comfortable but you’re using cleaner energy smartly.
  • Set your slow cooker. Setting your slow cooker before you leave for the day makes dinner easier and uses cleaner energy.
  • Delay the dishwasher. Wait to start the dishwasher until the next morning, when you can harness clean energy.
  • Only turn on needed lights. An average household dedicates about 5% of its energy budget to lighting. Make it a habit to turn off the lights whenever you leave a room and use spot lighting whenever you can.
  • Put off the laundry. To use cleaner energy, do your laundry on weekends or right before bed. Use cold water for additional energy savings that get your clothes just as clean

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