SAN DIEGO — Scott MacDonald, co-author of Think Like a Dog and his dog Sadie, a mixed breed Labrador Retriever that Scott and his son rescued from the streets, visited Morning Extra to talk about how dogs can teach us how to be happy in life and successful at work.

MacDonald says people can become better communicators by watching their dogs because they live in the moment.

“Over time, I watched as Sadie evolved from a skittish dog afraid of strangers and new places to a confident dog with lots of dog and people friends. I realized her adjustment and strategies provided useful lessons. Eventually, I wrote a book about the lessons learned and life from a dog’s perspective,” MacDonald said.

In Think Like a Dog, the reader takes cues from Sadie’s dog life situations together with Scott’s explanations and experience on how to enhance every type of situation in a person’s life and career.

For more information on Scott’s book, check out his Facebook page.