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Unidos Por Valle: A Spirited Collaboration Support of Baja firefighters

Torrey Stepp and Fernando Gaxiola stopped by Morning Extra to talk about the importance of this fundraiser and where the money goes.

SAN DIEGO — In California we know that it is wildfire season nearly year-round. We are also comforted by the fact that we are protected by the best first responders around, but what if that wasn’t the case? In Baja they experience all the same weather conditions and fires as San Diego, but their firefighters consist of 16 volunteer firefighters.

Unidos Por Valle is a fundraiser that will raise money that will help equip and train the volunteer fire department in Valle de Guadelupe. The fundraiser is a cross border collaboration ith 11 chefs, 16 Baja wineries, 4 craft breweries, spirits and live music.

The event, held at Kettner Exchange at 7 p.m. on Tuesdaywill feature 11 chefs including: Drew Deckman, Benito Molina & Solange Muris, Sheyla Alvarado, Adria Montaño, Ruffo Ibarra, Brian Redzikowski, Brad Wise, Claudette Zepeda, Jonathan Bautista and Martin San Roman.

There will also be a special Performance by the San Diego Firefighter’s Emerald Society Bagpipes and Drums to honor the Bomberos of Baja.

Interested in attending? Get your tickets here