SAN DIEGO — Have you ever wondered why you are not a billionaire? This is a question that bestselling author Dr. Greg Reid set out to answer. In his research he talked to over 30 wealthy people and asked what the keys were to their success. Some of the people he talked to included:

  • Ernesto Ancira Jr., chairman, president, and CEO at The Ancira-Winton Chevrolet, Inc. (annual revenue: $1 billion)
  • Craig Clemens, renowned ad copywriter of $1 billion in sales and co-founder of Golden Hippo Media
  • Dwight Damon Jr., industry-leading orthodontist widely known for his development of the innovative Damon System
  • Scott Duffy, business growth expert who has worked for CBS, Sportsline, NBC Internet, and
  • Marshall Ezralow, founder of the Ezralow Company, a Southern California real estate development company managing more than 20,000 apartments
  • Tonino Lamborghini, founder of the Tonino Lamborghini Company and son of Ferruccio Lamborghini—creator of the world famous Lamborghini sports cars—and heir to the Lamborghini fortune

Dr. Reid’s book, "Wealth Made Easy" is full of different hacks that wealthy people used to become wealthy. Some of these include:

  • Combine unrelated business ideas and make them your own: Gene Landrum, founder of Chuck. E. Cheese, revolutionized the concept of food and entertainment in combining pizza, family, and an amusement park atmosphere. What businesses can you combine to create something new?
  • Ask yourself positive questions: You will find greater success and opportunity by rephrasing your questions as positive messages. Instead of asking: why is my business shrinking?, ask: what steps can I take to grow my business?
  • Invest like a farmer: There are patterns, or “economic seasons” in investment, when stocks are low, high, and stagnant. These seasons are driven by human emotion. The people who can read those emotions and know when to place their bets, unload, or stick are the ones who win out every time.
  • Leverage MIC: The Methodical Information Code is a tool successful people use to collect information and leverage that information in a way that is positive and uplifting, allowing you to inspire your employees to perform better and create the results you want.
  • Network outside your industry: If you own a pizza parlor and only hang out with other owners of pizzerias, all you’ll know is the pizza business. But if you broaden your community to other industries, you’ll find hidden opportunities to increase and diversify your revenue and bring in new customers.