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Caught on video: Driver attempts to run over bat-wielding man after altercation in Downtown San Diego

Video shared with CBS 8 showed a brown SUV driving erratically onto the sidewalk where a bat-wielding man was standing.

SAN DIEGO — A driver was seen on video attempting to run a bat-wielding man over in Downtown San Diego on Thursday.

"Everyone asking for the story... the homeless guy was in the middle of the street blocking traffic, the guy in the car started honking at him to get out of the way," DaVon Jackson shared on his Instagram stories as he witnessed and recorded the entire altercation.

Jackson said the incident happened around Island and Seventh Avenue in Downtown San Diego around 6:43 p.m. on March 23.

"Homeless guy grabs his bat from his tent and starts gesturing like he's gonna hit the car; then the car tries to run dude over, and that's when I started recording," Jackson said.

Video shared with CBS 8 showed a brown SUV driving erratically onto the sidewalk where a bat-wielding man was standing. The unidentified man with the bat began swinging at and shattering the SUV's windows.

The SUV driver attempted to strike the man with his vehicle while speeding through parking lots, driving on the wrong side of the roadway and onto sidewalks.

San Diego Police said officers received a 9-1-1 call during the altercation with reports that a person was being assaulted.

Officers arrived on the scene and arrested the driver for assault with a deadly weapon, according to a Watch Commander on duty with SDPD.

"It seems a little off that they didn’t go after the man with the bat in the street. He’s probably out there right now if he didn’t get arrested," said Jackson.

Police said the driver of the car was driving drunk when he got into a fight with the woman seen in the video. According to police, that’s when the man holding the bat steps in.

Police won’t confirm whether the two pedestrians were homeless, but Jackson says he saw them enter a tent.

Jackson said both men were in the wrong and didn't think it was right that only one was facing consequences.

Despite the shocking scene, Jackson said it’s what people who live and work downtown have to deal with daily. He’s hoping the video catches the attention of city leaders.

"Hopefully, we get some change out of it to make the streets safer. I want to be able to walk downtown and not see those types of things," he added.

Officers reportedly offered homeless care assistance to the man believed to be living in his tent, but he was not arrested, San Diego police said.

No injuries were reported.

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