NATIONAL CITY, Calif. — On Friday, more than two dozen volunteers worked to transform a vacant lot in National City into an educational garden where school children can visit.

Dawn Redo volunteers with Volunteers of America Southwest, an organization that provides services to the most vulnerable – including homeless veterans, children and recovering addicts.

The lot behind their treatment center used to be covered in weeds, but thanks to hard work and dedication it has been turned into a place where children will learn about gardening. The good that is grown onsite will be used to make healthy meals in their kitchen which provides nearly 2,400 meals a day.

Dominique Jackson has been in treatment for nearly six weeks. His goal is to get clean and start fresh.

“Everything is all great. I see myself going to culinary school and getting my own restaurant,” he said.

Like what is being done outside in the new garden, Dominique said, “the only thing you need is one seed. Seed turns into a beautiful plant and in this case, the plant nourishes everything else."

Volunteers form Miller Toyota of Lemon Grove also spent hours doing hard labor on Friday.

The garden will soon be filled with an array of fruits, vegetables and even a mural painted on the surrounding wall.

Olivewood Gardens in National City helped take care of some of the plants and design.

The final product should be ready to go by mid-summer.