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Neighbors in Egger Highlands fear they’re living in a cancer cluster

Several cancer diagnoses in the same neighborhood has residents fearing for their safety.

SAN DIEGO — When Maricela Silva died from cancer, her family didn't think too much about the cause. But her son, Nicholas Aguilar, says that changed after he started talking to neighbors on their small cul-de-sac. “My next-door neighbor, her next-door neighbor, a couple of doors down also,” he said pointing out homes of neighbors with cancer. “So it seemed to me too much of a coincidence for that many people on our street to have cancer at the same time.”

Five different neighbors on Cantamar Place in Egger Highlands were diagnosed with cancer. Aguilar says he thinks it's something coming from the area's sewer system, which has been emitting a smell for years. His guess is that it’s some type of gas. 

Aguilar's fiancé contacted the city and they came over to check it out. “Public utilities did respond right away,” Jasmine Garcia said. “They came out, they flushed the pipe, whatever it is that they do.”

Garcia says they also put a camera down the line and reported no cracks. But the smell was still so bad that neighbors say the city sealed up the cover to try and keep the odor from escaping.

CBS 8 checked with County Health and Human Services and they said they are not currently investigating a cancer cluster in the Egger Highlands neighborhood.

That's because the five neighbors had three different types of cancer. According to the county's website, a cancer cluster must involve the same type of cancer.

Neighbors say it just seems like it's way too much of a coincidence. 

“We like living here,” Aguilar said. “But, now we're thinking we need to relocate because I don't want what happened to my mom to happen to me or Jasmine.”

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