SAN DIEGO — It has been a rough two days since a fire, that might have been started by a faulty electric bike charger, gutted the backyard workshop of Ace Elliot – an icon in Ocean Beach for the unique surfboards he has made.

For decades, Ace – whose real name is Albert – had built and repaired surfboards, and while mostly retired, he had a lifetime of memories in his shed, along with special shaping tools, and dozens of boards. Among them was an irreplaceable gift for his daughter, now living in Taiwan.

As Ace went through the rubble salvaging whatever he can, on Thursday, the community stepped up to show their love and appreciation for him.

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Ace’s friend and Ocean Beach resident Tim Townsley, who has worked as a surfboard glasser, has been assisting hands-on with the aftermath of the fire. 

He is organizing a more large-scale community clean-up for Ace this weekend.

While Ace is grateful for all that did survive, including his Amazon parrot Bob and his other pets, he is grateful for the love the Ocean Beach has shown.

The community clean-up is planned for this coming Saturday, beginning at 11 a.m., on Froude Street.

A GoFundMe page has also been set up to help raise money to help Ace replace some of what was lost.