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Oceanside’s famous 'Top Gun' house transforms into new pie shop

The ‘Top Gun’ house now sits across the street from the Oceanside Pier in front of the Mission Pacific Hotel, with a replica of Maverick’s motorcycle out front.

OCEANSIDE, Calif. — From the world premiere aboard the Midway to a new pie shop in Oceanside, the 'Top Gun' phenomenon continues now in the world of pie-making. 

“We have apple, cherry, and right now we have strawberry rhubarb,” said Tara Lazar, owner of ‘High Pie.’  

And they’re not just any strawberries, they’re locally sourced from the Carlsbad strawberry fields.  

“How could you not think of strawberry pie when you see those strawberries?” said Lazar. 

If you’re looking for high-flying thrills and chills, their pie-on-a-stick has ice cream inside. 

“This is the love of apple pie a-la-mode but just built into a two-bite wonder,” said Lazar. “We put it on a stick just because it’s really fun to eat and looks really cute.” 

And how about something to wash down all that pie? 

“This is our cherry pop fizz,” said Lazar, holding a tray of freshly made drinks. “This is our apple kombucha and this is our New Orleans-style iced coffee which has a little condensed milk in it.” 

High Pie is the brainchild of Lazar, who just opened her shop in the old ‘Top Gun’ house that was featured in the original movie in 1986.   

After being relocated in 2020, the ‘Top Gun’ house now sits across the street from the Oceanside Pier in front of the Mission Pacific Hotel, with a replica of Maverick’s motorcycle out front. 

“This is very cool,” said customer Ashley Banfield, while sitting on the motorcycle. 

“I’m so honored to be entrusted with this house,” said Lazar. “And it’s a wonderful coincidence that ‘Top Gun’ is coming out right now and that we get to ride the wave of this fun moment.” 

To top off the Top Gun theme, the staff is geared up in flight suits. 

“I really love that we get to relate to the Top Gun movie,” said employee Haleey Lambert. 

In case you’re wondering how these pies taste, the feedback from customers has been aces high. 

“Oh, it’s so good,” said Lisa Stanley. 

“Yummy and warm, very good,” said Lucy Steiner. 

“This place is great,” said Jason Scheinbart. 

High Pie is located at 250 N Pacific St in Oceanside. You can check out their website for operating hours. 

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