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It's officially fall in San Diego which means, it's still hot outside

Sept. 22 marks the first day of autumn and needless to say, the West Coast looks a bit different in the fall than the Midwest.
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SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — As a former Michigander, fall is iconic in the Midwest. 

The first day of fall you can feel the shift in the season from 80-degrees to low 40s. And you look forward to grabbing your sweaters, boots, and seeing the scenery change from green to orange, yellow, and red leaves on the ground. 

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Beautiful Fall colors at Porcupine Mountains in autumn. Top of the Clouds at Porcupine Mountains State Park in October.Beautiful Fall colors at Porcupine Mountains in autumn. Top of the Clouds at Porcupine Mountains State Park in October.

Now, a proud San Diegan, this is the first time in my life I've never experienced a Michigan fall. With that being said, I quickly realized how unfortunate Californians are to not experience the magical season of autumn.

My biggest question is, do you guys even carve pumpkins? Seriously, they have to rot so fast. The whole point of carving pumpkins and setting them on your doorstep for months is because the brisk, cold air, freezes them and they don't rot. So, I guess plastic pumpkins are the way to go, tragic. 

Credit: KFMB/Jennifer Lothspeich
A pumpkin after being in the California sun for 5 days.

Speaking of pumpkins, do Californians dedicate a whole weekend to fall festivities? No? Just to go surfing? Okay, great. 

See traditionally, you would celebrate fall by spending a Saturday picking apples, get some apple cider donuts, apple cider and go home. Where then you would carve pumpkins and make homemade apple pie with "Hocus Pocus" playing in the background. 

I see I will have to improvise by spending a Saturday in the fall aisles at Target and pick up some apples and apple cider from Trader Joe's. 

Next, how am I suppose to drink my hot apple cider in a turtle neck in 90-degree weather? Will I still do it? Absolutely, anything to keep the spirit of fall alive. 

I know I've spent most of this story complaining about nothing changing in San Diego...But there are some things to look forward to in the fall here. 

For example, not having to wear leggings and UGG boots for 6 months straight or the fact I can go to the beach and get a tan while I enjoy a cold brew pumpkin spice latte. 

But most importantly, I will never be cold. Yes, I know you San Diegan's think 60-degrees is cold but for a Midwesterner, that's a beach day. 

Even though I will miss my first day of fall in Michigan, I will say it's nice to always be surrounded by the sunshine and ocean breeze. It's a transition I think I can live with. 

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