Ramzi knows dreams do come true. His sister has been adopted and is now out of the foster care system. News 8 first met Ramzi in July 2010, but one year later he is still waiting for his turn to find a forever family. Now, we re-introduce this growing boy who is yearning for a home to call his own.

Football is his passion and Ramzi hopes his strong right arm can help him chase his dreams of becoming a pro football player.

This 11-year-old is a natural on the field and those who've seen him play say he shows early talent and skills beyond his years.

He certainly has a size advantage and says he wants to be a quarterback. But first on his list, even more important than football, is to have a good family - a dad to help him hone his football skills and parents to love him and spend time with him.

"We've got to find him a family, because he's just such a neat kid. He loves football, is a real good athlete and he actually has an opportunity," explained Nicole Espinosa with SD County Adoptions. "He's going to go to the Philip Rivers Football Camp through the Rivers of Hope Foundation. They donated 20 spots to foster kids and Ramsey is one of the kids that gets to go, so he's super excited about that."

Ramzi also enjoys animals.

"I like dogs, cats, and lizards and snakes," he said.

And also likes school. He said he likes math and is not too bad at it either.

"I just adore him. He's just such a tender heart and is a loving little boy who wants a family," Espinosa noted.

Ramzi has watched his sister get adopted, but that has been bittersweet since he remains in a group home.

"The group homes do the best they can, but it's not like being in a family having a mom or mom and dad or just a dad to come home to ask how your day was," continued Espinosa.

Ramzi has been in the foster care system for the past couple of years and is ready for his next move to be his last.

"When he was at court last the judge asked him if he had any questions and his question to the judge was, when can I be in a family?" Espinosa added.

If you are interested in adopting from foster care, or becoming a foster family, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U to learn more about getting started or go to their website to take that first step and fill out an adoption form.