SAN DIEGO (CBS 8) - We first introduced you to sisters Inta and Knolly in November of 2013. And during the past year, these sisters have seen a lot of positive changes.

But they're still waiting to find a forever family.

It's been nearly a year since we first met Inta and Knolly, sisters, living in separate foster homes.

Knolly was born with a genetic disorder that affects her muscles and joints, but this extremely bright girl, who is excelling at school, has learned to adapt. We watched in amazement last year, as she swiftly climbed back up into her wheelchair all by herself.

These days Knolly, who turns eight next week, is a bit less mobile because of her new pink casts, which are stretching out her joints.

Knolly is hoping the road ahead brings her newfound freedom.

“Her condition is just physical. And the joints just need to be straightened out enough for her to get up and get going and then she will be able to live independently and do her own daily living and go to college and become a doctor and support her foster mom,” said Alexis.

Knolly's foster mom Alexis has a daughter and an adopted son with the same genetic condition, both of them can now walk and she believes it's only a matter of time, before Knolly is doing the same.

Knolly's to the point where she's going to start the therapy to walk, start putting weight on her legs and they're getting straighter.

“I definitely believe she will walk, and be able to walk well and get around her own home,” continued Alexia.

Nine-year-old Inta says if anyone can do it, she can do it.

Inta is Knolly's biggest cheerleader. The two sisters have a special bond and it's difficult for them to live apart.

“Inta is really good with her sister. She's pushing her wheelchair, she's looking out for her, she's straightening her hair,” added Alexia.

Inta's foster mom Tonya says Inta, who's developmentally delayed, is fun-loving and inquisitive.

“She has her challenges, but once you get her started give her structure, she usually follows through. You've got to keep reminding her, but she'll follow through,” Alexis said.

And when Inta is around Knolly she comes alive.

Inta and Knolly were photographed this summer with Chargers Player Kendall Reyes, for the 2015 Join the Team Calendar, which helps spread awareness about the need for adoptive families.

And both foster moms are hoping there's one forever family out there, for these two sisters, who belong together.

Knolly turns eight-years-old Sunday, October 19 and finding a forever family would be a huge birthday wish come true.

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U.

CBS News 8 would also like to thank Boomers San Diego for hosting a fun day at the park and also photographer Evan Yamada for taking the beautiful heart gallery portraits you saw in this story.