A fitting tribute in this Adopt 8 – for Mother's Day, we share with you an Adopt 8 success story about a local mom. She describes the true gift of motherhood and the impact her little girl has made, not only on her life, but her entire family's.

She's 15-months-old and constantly on the go. Kali is a little dynamo, living up to her name.

"It's a Swahili name. It's actually pronounced collie, but most people say Cali. It means intense and she's very intense, spicy," said Mildred.

Kali was just a few days old, when Mildred received the call from her social worker, telling her:

"'Mildred, a birth mother chose you,' and I was just in shock because being a single parent, you're hoping, you know people always want couples and I was just so thrilled," explained Mildred.

Mildred says she'd always wanted to have children, but was focused on her career, until about two years ago, when she decided to adopt.

"I just realized you know, if I don't do it now, I may never do it."

And she says Kali has been the biggest blessing in her life.

"Oh, this is the top, the absolute top. You say the sky's the limit. She's definitely up there in the clouds for me. She is so fabulous," Mildred said.

Kali has brought joy and laughter to the entire family.

"No one in our family has ever adopted before, but everyone's been extremely, extremely supportive and my mother of course has just fallen in love with her," Mildred continued. "She's the star of the family because she's the youngest member of the family. Everybody has a great time with her."

Mildred's cousin Johnny says Kali has changed them all.

"She's brought life back in it again, she's so young, everyone enjoys the outdoors with her, playing with her and being active," said Johnny.

And Mildred, who is typically private about her age, stepped out of her comfort zone to share this.

"I will tell you something I've never told anyone before. I am 54-years-old, and I think that's important because most women at this age want children but don't think about adopting, and they're afraid to adopt."

She hopes that by sharing her story, she will inspire others to adopt, adding that she has become friends with two other single moms who also adopted babies through the county.

"You don't think you're going to get a healthy baby from the county, but the three of us did and I would encourage anyone wanting to adopt to go to the county first, of San Diego," added Mildred.

If you are interested in adopting from foster care, or becoming a foster family, call 1-877-I-ADOPT-U, or go to their website to take that first step and fill out an adoption inquiry form.