What a difference a year has made in the lives of two local brothers. When News 8 first met Adam and Antonio, they were little boys who didn't know where they'd wake up next - unsure about all of the adults taking them here and there. But now, they have the stability and love they deserve, as you will see in their success story.

It was less than a year ago when we first introduced you to Adam and his little brother Antonio and boy have their lives taken a wonderful turn for the best.

"It's been 11 months, but it feels like they've been with me forever," said Clementina.

Clementina and Carlos had just come back from a relaxing trip last year, when they got the call from San Diego County Adoptions that two boys had been matched with them.

"We were on vacation, in Puerta Vallarta and we got home and we got a message that said there's two babies in Polinsky, two boys, you guys want to come and get them?" Clementina explained.

Adam and Antonio were living at an emergency children's shelter, so the couple didn't waste any time bringing them home.

Carlos and Clementina say the transition period was a bit tough, but expected given that the boys had been moved several times and were scared they would be abandoned once again never knowing, what the next day, the next month, would bring.

"When they wake up they say, papa. They always asked for me or mama," said Carlos. "They wanted to know if mama and papa is there, because they didn't know where they going to wake up."

But with a lot of love and patient parents, the boys soon got used to family life and it wasn't long before Clementina was hearing the sweet word: Mommy!

To hear her sons call her mom, simply melts her heart.

"Oh, it feels, it feels really good, it feels really good," said Clementina.

"They're so happy, because we just give love, and that's what they need, love," continued Carlos.

On December 22, just three days before Christmas, Adam and Antonio's adoption was finalized - their family was officially complete.

"Exactly, that's the prayer for Christmas we got, now we don't ask anything from God. God's given everything to us now," Carlos.

"I feel lucky, I say that God made them special for me," added Clementina.

The boys, who didn't know any Spanish when they moved into their home, now understand and speak the language.

Carlos and Clementina say they couldn't feel more blessed.

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