Thousands of participants in the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day walk got some much need rest on the night of Saturday, November 10, 2007, including News 8's own Barbara-Lee Edwards who is one of the many taking part in the event.

But before she settled in for the night, Barbara-Lee talked to a man who's in a special calendar called the "60 Mile Men." As Barbara Lee reports, they've had wives, mothers and sisters who have all died from breast cancer.

This is the fourth years that News 8 has participated in the nationwide event to raise money for breast cancer.

This year, Little Tommy from Star 94.1 FM joined in and was feeling a little tired by day two.

"What gets you through it is you got to remember why you're here and that's because there's so many woman who have survived this. And the pain I may be feeling right now is nothing in comparison to what they felt," Little Tommy said.

Tommy isn't the only man showing support for the San Diego Breast Cancer 3-Day.

So is law enforcement.

And then there's Matthew Pickus who came all the way from Michigan to walk the 60 miles.

"We all have a connection with the event whether it's wives, sisters, mothers who've been victims of breast cancer," said Matthew.

"I love these pictures because they're all regular guys for the most part. It must have taken a little coaxing to get some of them to do these pictures," responded Barbara-Lee.

"I didn't want everybody being a fireman, a cop calendar. I wanted the regular guy who participates in the that cancer affects everyone..whether it's young old, shape...not so in shape cancer affects everybody," explained Matthew.

"We appreciate the effort. We love having you here. I'm just so thankful you've come to take part in our event. We feel special now we've had the 60 mile Men in San Diego 3-Day," said Barbara-Lee.

Last year, San Diego walkers raised more than $11 million to find a cure for breast cancer.