I knew what the weather was going to be like heading into the weekend - yes Matt, I really do pay attention to your forecast! Mr. Baylow had informed me that Saturday was going to be quite spectacular and Sunday, well, not so much. So I took full advantage and planned accordingly.

Since Saturday brought sunshine and warm temperatures I headed to Torrey Pines, as I usually do on the weekend, and hit the trails. My friend and walking partner was feeling the effects of a late night and wasn't up to the usual pace - so she made it up to me by taking on the role of personal trainer. Marna is a former volleyball player - full ride at USC. So needless to say, this woman knows how to work out.

As we climbed the steep hill up to the trails she had me run ahead of her, run back down and do it again. I didn't like this game. Every time we passed a bench she rested on it while I did some sort of cruel step exercise. As soon as I started to fade a little she'd say "that's pretty good - do fifty more!" Yeesh. But I have to say, aching quads aside, I got in a pretty good workout. After we walked back down the hill we passed our cars and made our weekly pit stop around the corner at Roberto's. This is where I eat two chicken enchiladas with extra sour cream to effectively put back all the calories I've burned. But I can't help it - it's just sooooo good.

Saturday night saw the skies take a turn and I found myself up at 3:00 in the morning closing windows to keep out the wind and the rain. Sunday morning brought more of the same. After making my five-year-old his once a week pancake breakfast (this is where I try to spoil him a little to make up for all the time I'm away from him during the week), we packed up and headed to the softball fields to watch my other baby and her team play their final games of the fall season. Aside from the odd break in the clouds with a teaser of warm sunshine here and there - the weather really didn't get much better. At the end of the day we loaded back up into the car to head home and as everyone talked about how they were going to warm up and relax once we got there I realized my plans would be much different. I had to train. With less than two weeks to go there's just no other option. So I quickly changed into my workout clothes and headed to the gym.

Apparently going to the gym is a rather popular idea on a rainy day. I checked the main workout area and found all the treadmills occupied. So I went to another room called the "cardio room", full of nothing but treadmills and such, and found one. Off topic a little, why are these rooms always so hot and a little smelly?

Anyhoo, on the upside, during the first few miles I was able to enjoy the fourth quarter of the Chargers game complete with another nail biting win - albeit with the Chargers on the winning end for a change. Almost seven miles of running and a lot of sweat later, I was done for the day. It was at this point that it occurred to me that training outside today might not have been such a bad thing - since there's really no guarantee of nice weather during the walk. In fact, the third day of last year's trek saw wind and rain. But then again, a little bad weather during the Three Day itself seems like nothing. For some reason we almost enjoy it. Nothing stops us.

So here I am sitting on my couch, trying to finish this blog while my son, wearing a pair or snazzy plastic orange, flowered sunglasses he picked up as a parting gift from a classmate's birthday party yesterday, repeatedly jumps from the furniture to the floor and, occasionally right over me while I try to type. I'm a bit stiff, a bit soar and a lot tired. But I don't care because that feeling of nothing stopping us seems to have arrived with the wind and rain and I'm thinking of all of you as you train as well and I know you're probably feeling the same. Sunshine, rain, wind, whatever... we're going to be ready and, for the moments we feel like we're not, we'll get through with that secret weapon known as strength in numbers. Bring it on!