Friday morning, as the opening ceremonies wrapped up, U2's ‘Beautiful Day' played on the soundsystem as we made our way out of the fairgrounds. And it was a beautiful day. But today was even better.

The pink tent city was shrouded in fog as the sun tried to break through the sky. There was a sense of calm. Walkers were taking their time, starting their day on their own schedule. It was nice. A couple of pit stops into the route and things started to slowly warm up.

Lunch wasn't until the 14 mile mark today and I loved it. It was no great to know that after we finished our chicken teriyaki wraps and potato chips (I know, that sounds like an odd combination, but we don't worry about things like that on the walk - in fact, it actually hit the spot) we had just over six miles to go until we reached camp again. We had music at lunch too. A fabulous marching band for UC Davis played on the grass and walkers cheered loudly for them - a party mood indeed. The last leg of the day was filled with all kinds of crazy delights including homemade chocolate chip cookies and ice cold milk - and small paper cups full of chilled white wine served on someone's patio somewhere in Mission Bay.

I talk about the incredible support of the Komen volunteers but I also need to give a big shout out to all the people who set up tables in front of their homes with snacks, music and words of encouragement. I can't tell you how much it means to us and how much energy we get from your enthusiasm. Thank-you!

I have to also say that the best cheering station in a corner on the beach in PB where it seems the whole community has come out together in what can only be described as a a massive group hug that has us smiling from ear to ear. You guys rock!

I took time to visit the stretching area today and listened to the stories of other walkers. Everyone seems to be in very good spirits, blisters aside, and is eager to start day three. So am I. Bring on the night.