Picnic on the grass at La Jolla Shores - what could be better? The day is nothing short of spectacular. The marine layer that shrouded the fairgrounds this morning has given way to sunshine and perfect walking weather - not too hot and not too cold.

Parts of the day have been like a dream. As we made our way down to Torrey Pines State Beach we were joined by three or four dolphins who seemed to join in the walk for a while - swimming south along the shoreline, their fins dipping in and out of the water. Even the hill didn't seem that bad. In fact, I found the downhill trek a little tougher on the joints this year and made a point of not walking to quickly - lunch would have to wait - my first priority is not leaving my knees in a foul mood.

But after a good stretch and a lot of water, here I sit, on the grass, a nice lunch of chicken sandwich and potato chips that I normally woulnd't eat but feel like I really deserve (after all, I'm going to burn it off, right?).

I can hear teammates checking in with eachother - any blisters? Need more sunscreen? Take a Motrin?

We are 11 miles in a so far I can truly say - so far, so good!