. . .and the sounds you'll hear. . .at 6am. So toasty outside today, and this is a big walk weekend (15 miles Saturday, 13 Sunday) I started early. Perhaps you've heard and seen the same things I have - not just who is and is not a responsible dog owner so early in the morning (although there is that). Things like - an alarm clock going off heard through an open 2nd story window. Then, returning on the route 40 minutes later hearing the same alarm clock still going off. What it must be like to live even three houses away!

Sunrise - without a marine layer it's more beautiful than sunsets in my opinion. Looking forward ot another of those tomorrow.

Wide open garage doors - at 6am? They must be left open overnight. Don't these people hear about the news??

Things warmed up fast today, and it'll happen faster tomorrow.