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Ants invading homes in San Diego looking for food, water

Because of the hot, dry conditions, ants are searching for shelter, food and water indoors.

SAN DIEGO — Here in San Diego, everything grows and that includes insects. With the hot, dry conditions the region has seen this summer, creatures are looking for water - especially ants.

"This year it does seem like ants [are more noticeable] because they're inside cupboards, under sinks and on countertops," said COO for Corky's Pest Control Francisca Bautista

She said what motivates ants is simple.

"Inside the home, the main reason they're coming in is shelter, food, and water," Bautista said. 

And with record-breaking heat, ants are on the move.

"It's been very hot and [with] not much moisture and not enough water. That's going to bring them inside," she said. 

As the environment dries up so do food sources, so it's important to keep surfaces clean from any food source.

"Watermelon on the countertop -  I've heard different things from customers and then there's an explosion," Bautista said. 

Keeping ants outside starts outside.

"A lot of it is landscaping and gardening and making sure you stay up on those things," she said. 

It's also important to not provide easy access.

"Making sure all your thresholds are in place, everything around your windows is where it needs to be [will help]," Bautista said.

There are home remedies but this year they can't seem to hold back the wave.

"I'd say 60 - 70% of the new ant customers used home remedies and they weren't successful," she said.

 If you do have ants and can't stem the tide, being strategic is the key.

"We want to use the most effective product we can get to put the least amount on the property to get the job done," said Bautista.