SAN DIEGO — From their cups to their coffee grounds, a San Diego coffee roaster is turning the art of lattes into a more environmentally-friendly industry. Mostra Coffee in Carmel Mountain Ranch recently was named micro roaster of the year.

A co-founder of Mostra, Jelynn Malone said, “It was this far fetched super huge award, so it is crazy in the sixth year we actually won it.”

One of the main reasons for the big win is not just the flavors of their espresso, but how they put sustainability at the forefront of their business. Malone explained that the coffee industry can be extremely wasteful.

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Americans alone toss out 50 billion cups annually. That is right, 50 billion cups tossed from Americans alone, every single year. If you stacked them, they would circle the globe 150 times! That is according to the founder of 4 Blue Waves, Shane Coons. The attorney and surfer turned recyclable packaging company founder creates products used by Mostra and many others nationwide. He says his company created a double wall paper cup that has a special liner which makes it fully pulpable.

Most coffee cups are lined with plastic to make them waterproof, but it also makes them unable to be broken down or recycled.

Coons says his dream is to leave less of a mess for future generations to clean up and that everyone would begin to care about what they choose to use for their beverages.

Neda has a simple challenge for you during your next coffee run. Either get your coffee in a recyclable cup or a reusable cup. If you don’t have one of these cups, skip your morning coffee, which we all know would be a shame.   

What would also be a shame is throwing away your coffee grounds. At Mostra, customers can pick some up to use in their gardens. Their coffee beans come in burlap sacks that customers can also pick up. Jelynn Malone says that many people make makeup bags, wallets and purses out of the burlap bags.

Burlap sacks

Mostra sources beans from places like the Philippines, where all four founders' families are from, bringing jobs and money to poorer countries.

The name Mostra means performance in Italian after Jelynn who was an actress and her best friend and business partner Bev Magtanong was who was a professional opera singer.

They hope with every cup to perform in meaningful ways that not only help people, but also the planet.