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It's time to do the 'stingray shuffle' at San Diego beaches

Summertime is prime time for stingrays to come out but shuffling and any vibration should scare them away.

Waves are small, the water is warming up and the weather is going to be hot this weekend. That means a lot of people will be heading to the beach, so it's time to do the "stingray shuffle." 

"There are a lot. You can see them all over the place," said Harry Heggie. 

Heggie is a surf instructor at Surf Education Academy and doing the "stingray shuffle" is part of his class.  

"With the schools, we teach the kids how to shuffle their feet. Any vibration scares [stingrays] off," he said. 

Summertime is prime time for stingrays to come out. 

"Because the surfs gone small and the waters warming up again, you'll find they've moved back into the shallows and they hang out," Heggie said. 

News 8 was at La Jolla Shores Wednesday and in just a couple hours three people were being treated for stingray injuries by lifeguards. 

"You have to submerge your foot into a bucket of hot water - as hot as possible. Keep it in there for at least an hour, up to two," Heggie said.

Heggie's been hit twice so he knows the pain. 

"The pain will radiate up your leg," he said. "It feels like 50 bee stings. It's pretty harsh." 

And it's not just beginners that get stung. 

"The owner of the company got hit last week," Heggie said. "It went through the booty and on top of the foot and he had to get stitches."

Just remember the ocean is a wild place.

 "Just know they're out there," Heggie said. "Always be looking. Always be shuffling your feet."