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'It's important because they are our future' | Local preschoolers release 12,000 ladybugs for Earth Day

For preschoolers at Discovery Isle in the Scripps-Poway area, they released 12,000 ladybugs into their yard to celebrate 'Earth Day'.

SAN DIEGO — People all over San Diego celebrated Earth Day by doing something good for the environment.

For preschoolers at Discovery Isle in the Scripps-Poway area, that meant releasing 12,000 ladybugs into their yard!

The three and four year old preschoolers weren’t just excited about ladybugs, they're knowledgeable about them too.

"They have spots and they're beautiful and they fly. They eat aphids," said four-year-old, Abbie.

Ladybugs are good for gardens because they eat unwanted pests.

It’s just one of many lessons kids at Discovery Isle have been learning about the environment and how to protect it.

"Well, the whole month we've been studying bugs and recycling and growing plants,” said teacher Lori Sporl.

Sporl’s students thrive on these types of activities.

Not just because they're easily entertained, but they're genuinely curious.

"I think they're gonna be awesome explorers and scientists cause that's what they truly love to do," said Sporl.

In addition to releasing ladybugs, the kids planted fruit trees.

Tasks that, like these kids, may seem small, when in reality, they're as big as the world around us.

"It's important because they are our future. I mean, everyone says and knows these are our future so they have to know how to take care of this world cuz after we go they're the ones making those decisions on what's going to make this world better," said Sporl.

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