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Working For Our Planet | Take the challenge to help improve the state of our planet

This is where we hopefully provide some insight and maybe a little advice and motivation to help you make small changes that can improve the state of our planet.
Credit: CBS 8

SAN DIEGO COUNTY, Calif. — CBS 8 is starting a new segment as part of our Earth 8 franchise, we will bring it to you every Monday in our 6 a.m. newscast, as another way we are "Working For Our Planet." This is where we hopefully provide some insight and maybe a little advice and motivation to help you make small changes that can improve the state of our planet.

Keeping a clean San Diego

Volunteers throughout San Diego County spent September 23 cleaning up San Diego's beaches and waterways. Here are some tips on how you can chip in and why it's important.

The importance of sustainable fishing

A healthy marine environment is crucial to our survival. Here are some tips on how you can help. Go here to find out more: https://www.seafoodwatch.org/

Choosing the correct, and environmentally-safe, sunscreen

Wash your clothes using cold water

Consider fashion rental sites instead of buying new

Avoid products with PFAs

Help to keep our beaches trash free this Memorial Day

Use Reusable items at San Diego Zoo and Safari Park

Pick up after your pet

Volunteer at a local farm

Take your Superbloom photos from afar

Go out on Earth Day, April 22nd, to the largest clean up in San Diego County

Reuse your Easter decorations for next year

Buying produce that is not wrapped in plastic

Fixing clothes that have holes in them

Planting seeds on first day of spring

New app helps prevent food waste

Upcycled fashion events

Reduce your usage and reuse any single-use plastic items

Celebrate your birthday by donating old items

Creating DIY gifts and cards for Valentine's Day

When you're shopping, opt out of taking that plastic bag or bring your own

Single use plastics - Using your own water bottle

Cleaning up trash at beach during low tides

Conserve and collect rain water

If you get something new, get rid of something old by donating it

How to be more conscious when gift wrapping

Eco-Friendly Elf on the Shelf

Decorate for the holidays DIY style

Gift something you already own

Don't throw your batteries in the trash, find a designated recycling drop off location | call2recycle

Be sure all of those campaign mailers end up in the recycling bin

Make sure kids throw away those Halloween candy wrappers


Come up with a sustainable Halloween costume

Try to plant a tree, flower, herb or anything in your yard, garden or in a pot

Visit a local farm to find out where our food comes from and support sustainable farming

When you're shopping for basic necessities, search for products that are biodegradable


Turn off the water when you’re brushing your teeth and shaving

Volunteer for an organization dedicated to our environment

Pick up the trash around you

Use sunblock with natural ingredients to avoid harming wildlife

Visit a local lagoon and observe the many species. Then share your discoveries!

Go to consignment stores for back-to-school clothes

Get your own reusable straw. Refuse plastic straws!

Take a hike! Explore, learn from, and listen to nature

Try to support your local farmers market

Try to pick up trash wherever you see it

Try to go plastic free and bring your own silverware

Get out of your driving routine and use public transportation

Visit an eco-friendly Goodwill or consignment store

Try not to use flimsy plastics

Try to reuse empty bottles before throwing them in the trash

Try to cut back on time spent in the shower

Try to eat at a restaurant instead of ordering to-go

Take a reusable coffee cup to your favorite coffee shop

How's that for motivation? It's not something you have to feel too much pressure about. Just a goal you can try to keep for the week and if it sticks beyond that then that’s even better. We’ll have a “Working For Our Planet” segment with new goals for each week every Monday.

And if you take part and want to share how it goes for you, we'd love to hear from you. If you also have eco-friendly advice that you follow that we could share on the air, then please let us know through the CBS 8 app on your mobile device where you can send in a photo and details in the NEAR ME section or text (858) 571-8888 and share your idea!

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