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Bring your own reusable container | Zero-waste grocery store now open in North Park

The Mighty Bin in North Park gives the option of package-free, ethically sourced foods – without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides.

SAN DIEGO — San Diego residents now have the option to ditch the plastic packaging that comes along with their food at The Mighty Bin, a zero-waste grocery store now open in North Park.

“It has been a long process,” said Isabelle DeMillan, the owner of The Mighty Bin. “Many of my followers have been with me the whole time and they’ve just been so supportive and can’t wait for me to open. So, I’m so glad I can be here for the community now.”

DeMillan has spent the last two years making this plan a reality by giving shoppers the option of package-free food, in any amount desired, ethically sourced – without synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. The Mighty Bin held their grand opening earlier this month and they’re still building their inventory, working on collaborations with local farmers and suppliers. Beyond just the grocery store side, you can eliminate the packaging and plastic use from personal items like soap, lotion, and detergent.

“I really couldn’t find a career or business that met my level of sustainability standards,” DeMillan told CBS 8. “So I just figured if I wanted to do something I need to do it on my own. I hope this is an educational place for people to come and work and a no judgment zone and hopefully will have a lot of workshops and demos for people.”

So, how does the process work? It’s suggested shoppers bring their own re-usable Tupperware, containers, or jars to start. If not, they have several on a donation shelf in the front of the store or brand-new jars available for purchase. Then, you weigh the containers to get their base weight without any product before filling them with whatever is needed.

“I’m really excited about it because I definitely believe in lessening our waste,” one neighbor told CBS 8. “So, I’m really excited to see it in the neighborhood.”

They’re one of many new businesses gracing the streets of North Park right along El Cajon Boulevard, working to reinvigorate the community and helping residents eliminate dependency on single-use products and packaging. They also offer options of jarred meals that are ready to eat and a variety of baked goods.

“The individual change is where we need to focus on,” added DeMillan. “There’s so many climate change issues and big issues that are very intimidating to an  individual. So that’s why I figure we really need to focus on our own habits because as a collective, individual habits really make a difference. So that’s why I wanted to make a place where it was easy to focus on your habits.”

You can find out more about The Mighty Bin on their social media pages or visit them in person at 2855 El Cajon Blvd, Unit 4, San Diego, CA.

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