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Adopt 8: A special boy in San Diego deserves a special home

“He’s so easy to underestimate but when you realize everything he can do, it’s pretty amazing,” said Amanda.


Namowa is a special boy who deserves a special home. The medically fragile 10-year-old is in need of a forever famly that will be comfortable caring for his medical needs. 

The infectious giggles from Namowa at the start of our playdate suddenly turned to tears. While comforting him, I realized Namowa might have thought I was trying to take away his toy.  

When I looked back at the video later, his body language was clear. When I tried to push some buttons on the toy – it seemed I pushed his buttons. Namowa, who is partially blind, held on tightly to his toy then began to cry.  

But after we distracted him with a new toy all was right again in Namowa's world.    

“He's very expressive, especially when it comes to his toys,” said Child Welfare Services Intern Sandy Rickets. “He's very particular about the toy he's interested in.” 

One thing's for sure: Namowa is decisive. And he has a personality that will warm your heart and bring you joy.   

“He has a really great sense of humor,” said Sandy. “Especially in a school setting. I've seen him interact with his teachers and he's just great. She's constantly laughing because of how funny he is.”  

Namowa is an expert at turning his toys off and on and though he is non-verbal, I could “hear” him telling me to turn the car on to cycle the power, so the music would repeat.  

Namowa moved to San Diego when he was two years old, for better medical care. He's currently living in a medical residential facility but what he deserves, is a forever home.    

 "The best place for him to be in, is a family setting. Every child deserves that kind of love that a family can give,” said Protective Services Worker Amanda Stephens. 

Namowa will need a family that's comfortable with his many medical needs; he uses a G-tube to eat and a tracheostomy to breathe. Though he needs support when he walks, I was super impressed by his strength and determination.  

“He’s so easy to underestimate but when you realize everything he can do, it’s pretty amazing,” said Amanda.  

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-792-KIDS (5437) or visit the San Diego County Adoptions' home page