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Adopt 8: 10-year-old Kaseanti dreams of mother-daughter time

Kaseanti is good at expressing her feelings and to her future forever family she's hoping sees this - she has a message.

SAN DIEGO — Having mother-daughter time is only a dream right now for a local 10-year-old girl. But Kaseanti has a heartfelt message for the future forever family she hopes to find.  

Math is the fifth grader's favorite subject, but what Kaseanti is really counting on is finding a forever family.   

“I would love to have a forever home that will take care of me,” she said.  

Kaseanti is especially longing for a mom. 

“I would like a nice and beautiful and sweet mother,” she said.  

She says she would like to go shopping, go out to eat and go to Disneyland with her mom.  

“Most of the time when you think of little girls, the word we use is ‘sweet,’ and she's just that,” said protective services worker Cecil Ashley. “And I feel like when people see her, just like you did, just like I did, they're going to fall in love and they're going to be able to provide for her in a way she needs and deserves.”  

Kaseanti is currently living in a foster home and says life has been good. She's really enjoying the family's pets.  

“They're cute, sweet,” she said. “I like to sleep with the puppies. Sometimes they lick my face to wake me up.” 

She also loves to sing, dance, and read. 

"I like to read ‘Harry Potter,’” said Kaseanti. “It makes me want to go on adventures. I like to collect rocks and stuff."

“I feel like some of the simple moments are really the best moments with Kaseanti because she really knows how to take those in. She's very appreciative,” said Ashley. “She knows how to show compassion and love and again that word ‘appreciation’ for the moment she's in.”  

Kaseanti is good at expressing her feelings and to her future forever family she's hoping sees this she has this message:   

“I would say ‘I would be happy to be your adopted daughter and have quality time with you,'” she said.

“She's a rock star kid and any environment she's in, she'll thrive in that environment and I'm just hopeful that people will see that in her and give her the opportunity to thrive,” said Ashley.  

If you are interested in adopting or becoming a foster family, please call 1-877-792-KIDS (5437) or visit the San Diego County Adoptions' home page.